Secure Document Publisher (SDP) is an application designed for clients to use as an automated communication toolkit. It allows for the use of an internal data source (a database, XML file, Excel file, reporting framework, etc.) to create multiple documents from a customized template and send them to a destination (a single document, SMTP server, scheduled task, local printer, etc.). Data in specified fields throughout the template can be replaced with variable information from the client using a .json file so that the same document’s message can be customized for multiple, unique recipients.

Secure Document Publisher uses a browser to render a document using a .json file created from the client’s data. The data in the .json file is 100% local. Only the HTML template is stored on the web server. This ensures HIPAA compliance throughout the process.

SDP is a subscription based service allowing for multiple end users to either administer or use the templates to create documents for distribution to clients, patients or other consumers.

The implementation of SDP requires a professional services engagement to develop the .json extracts and establish the schedule to run the process based upon the clients requirements.

The subscription model offers two levels of access, Administrator and User. The Administrator subscription allows for template creation and modification, adding and removing Users and access to the support desk at Clinical Squared for issue reporting and escalation.

Users are allowed to open templates and the .json files to create the outbound documents.

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