Blockchain is a rapidly developing innovation in computer science with a worldwide economic scale and reach, as well as interdisciplinary applications. It is disrupting the global economy in the immediate future. The World Economic Forum (2017) white paper estimates that by 2025, at least 10% of the world’s GDP (USD 100 trillion) will be managed via Blockchain technologies.  This rapid growth has immense opportunities for education, government,  community partners, and the world economy development.

Last year, social media giant LinkedIn conducted an employer survey and found that blockchain is now the most in-demand hard skill.

The Clinical Squared Blockchain Academy offers a wide range of courses. Professionals in the areas like education, law, finance, and healthcare will be able to take quick, upskilling classes that feature both instructor-led and self-paced curriculum. People who want a basic introduction to blockchain have a wide variety of options. And students or professionals who want to take a deeper dive into blockchain and pursue a career in this field will be able to access classes that certify them in fields such as Multi-Stack Blockchain Developer.

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