About Us

Clinical Squared is a multi-disciplined technology consulting company specializing in custom software development, and data analytics. We create comprehensive, scalable, secure, solutions by leveraging our experience in secure systems development, big data, and blockchain technology.
Clinical Squared is a seasoned team of solution developers, engineers, data scientists, project managers, consultants, and technology innovators with a proven track record of providing tools and services that address our clients’ diverse requirements.

Our mission is to create technology solutions (software innovations and technical tools) for the healthcare community that enables fluid, secure, portable, and transparent sharing of information.

We create solutions that demonstrate the provenance of one’s personal data, employ next-generation security mechanisms to keep it secure and provide a platform where consumers can manage and share their information with confidence and integrity.

– Partnership Approach
– Depth of Knowledge
– Responsiveness
– Robust Bench Strength

Locations: We are a small minority-owned business incorporated in Longmont, CO, with offices in Washington DC, Concord, CA, Baltimore MD, and Boise ID.
Our mailing address is:
2727 Nelson Road, Suite Q302, Longmont, CO 80503-9350
Phone: 720.466.5380
Email: info@clincialsquared.com

Warren Peltz and Marquis Allen

Marquis Allen, Chief Executive Officer Marquis’ skillset encompasses over a decade of sales and marketing experience along with twenty years in information technology including 13 years in healthcare. His extensive technical, application, system, and process management experience has led to successful consulting engagements on EMR & document management implementations, application support, technical assessments, and clinical workflow builds for hospital systems across the country. In addition to his duties with ClinicalSquared, he currently serves on the Washington DC Financial Services Regulatory Sandbox and Innovation Council as a mayoral appointee and blockchain technology subject matter expert. He also serves as Healthcare Working Group Team Lead for the Government Blockchain Association and is a member of the 2020 HIMSS Blockchain Task Force.

Warren Peltz, Chief Technology Officer Warren has over 30 years of application development and management experience in healthcare information technology and laboratories for such companies as Clinicom, HBOC, and McKesson. As a serial entrepreneur and developer of end-to-end analytic, clinical, and financial applications on multiple platforms, he brings strong leadership with his wealth of knowledge to our data development group. He directs the ClinicalSquared team in front-to-back application design, database architecture, data analytics, and systems interoperability.

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