Secure Document Publisher (SDP)

SDP is designed for clients who require the ability to create multiple documents from a customized template and deliver them to a destination (e.g., a single document, SMTP server, scheduled task, etc.) from an internal data source (e.g., a database, XML file, Excel file, reporting framework). Data can be populated into specified fields within the template using a JSON file, enabling the creation and delivery of a customized message to multiple, unique recipients. SDPublisher uses a browser to render a document using a JSON file created from the client’s data. The data in the JSON file is 100% local. Only the HTML template is stored on our secure web server.


Locus™ uses a data-driven social media platform to collect and provide actionable information needed to make objective, data driven decisions by leadership. The Locus™ data navigation and orchestration tool enables users to view complex and dense data sets in an intuitive, animated format, allowing for multiple hierarchical tiers of information to be viewed at once in an uncluttered display. USPTO Patent Pending #63/063,087.

Keeps all filtered data vectors at your fingertips Dynamic interface is instinctive and easy to use Switch search parameters throughout your data tiers fluidly while maintaining filtering at the top hierarchies Gamified user experience simplifies data searches using multiple filters or in large data sets.

Locus™ promotes collaboration among decision makers resulting in actionable opportunities for improvement.

Drive improved results through the integration of information, comparative metrics, and best practices, targeting resources to their greatest effect.

The Locus™ works with existing analytics software, enabling your organization to navigate data effortlessly and without costly licensing.

Clinical Process: OR Surgical Suite

The OR/Surgical Suite Dashboard provides instant information about health facility OR resources including procedure scheduling, surgical resource and staff management, turnover and budgeting.

Clinical Process: Census Summary

The Census Summary Dashboard provides real-time visibility into facility census data, showing patient population numbers by department, type and case mix. Authorized users can see accurate capacity information instantly. You can achieve an increase in productivity through our customizable user-friendly dashboard.

Census Trending

The Census Trending Dashboard provides immediate access to census data categorized by department, patient type, date, time of day, and individual patient. Empowers leaders to perform efficient capacity trending analysis. Achieve more efficient capacity planning through our customizable user-friendly dashboard. Adjustable trending filters allow users to analyze time slices from 15 minutes to one year or more.

HR Departmental Productivity

Users can easily assess the cost, productivity, and overall budgetary impact of staff across their organization in this simple, dynamic visualization. Embedded links to defined employee titles give more data about positions for easy analytical inclusion.

Supply Chain Process: Blanket Orders

The Blanket Orders visualization clearly displays pertinent information about facility POs including line-item descriptions, project statuses and available funds. Real time visibility to your entire Materials Management catalog is available.

Clinical Process: OR/Surgical Suite

The OR/Surgical Suite Dashboard provides instant information about health facility Surgical resources including procedure scheduling, surgical resources, staff management, turnover and budgeting. Dynamic visualizations show budget, timekeeping data, payroll information and procedure statistics.

An intuitive calendar-style grid displays booked and available surgical rooms with durations and status of procedures being performed. Real-time access to surgical suite room and personnel schedules, allows Schedulers, Quality Managers, and Health Service Providers access at a glance to vital information about surgical procedures, resources, team rosters, and schedule changes. Historical information can also be compared with current data to provide trending insights in the Surgical Suite.


Whether you want to store, move or consolidate your data, “Rip and Replace” existing applications with new technology, or get more mileage out of your current tech investment, Data Transformation as a Service (dTaaS™) packages are designed to help you overcome data integration challenges, enhance efficiency, improve your customer interactions, and crush your objectives.

Using dTaaS™, you can:

  • Remove existing data silos to enable data sharing and synchronization across multiple applications,
  • Reduce implementation time when switching or adding new applications,
  • Convert and consolidate data from disparate applications for BI and analytics purposes.

Best of all, we will handle everything from initial data assessment through deployment and ongoing management of your data flows. No longer a need for you to acquire in-house expertise.