Analytics – Data Science
Our mission is to empower our customers with ownership of their data and provide them the mechanisms to understand, manage, and make the best data driven decisions. We offer a range of data navigation and visualization tools.

Software & Solution Development
Our strength is creating modern and intuitive software solutions, focusing on scalability, functionality, regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GDPR) and interoperability. We provide all facets of full-cycle development including planning, design, code creation, and support.

Our specialties include User Interface (UI) and dashboard builds, data analytics, EMR integration, Quality Management (QM) discovery & tracking, and WEB3 solutions creation. Our team has deep expertise in creating solutions for clinical teams, laboratories, surgical centers, hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Information Security
We provide layers of security and full control over enterprise environments through the use of next-generation cybersecurity solutions including advanced threat intelligence and zero day threat protection. We believe that highly available and robust, secure data transport is a critical component of IT security.

We apply National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) protocols and processes along with industry best practices to safeguard PHI, deliver mission critical services and exceed your Service Level Agreements.